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Admission, application process, tuition & uniforms.


We will be accepting applications for students in every grade for the 2016-2017 school year  in January 2016. There will be approximately 130 spaces for grade eight students. Spaces will become available for students in other grades only when a current student does not indicate their intention to return. Grade eight students must complete an application form and write the placement exam held annually at the end of February.

Students are accepted on the basis of their category status and on the results of the placement exam.

For purposes of admission to St. Thomas Aquinas, the Categories are defined as:

Category 1 
Category 2 
Category 3

A family is considered Qualifying Catholic Parishioners if they are:

  • registered in one of the supporting regional North Shore parishes
  • regularly attending Mass at that parish
  • using Sunday envelopes (no amount specified) from that parish on a regular basis
  • participating in the work activities required of them in that parish

A family is considered Non-qualifying Catholic Parishioners if they are:

  • registered members of a regional Catholic parish but DO NOT meet all the requirements of Category 1 as described above.

A family is considered Non-regional Catholic Parishioners if they are:

  • registered and practicing members of a Catholic parish outside the North Shore region

All other families except International Students.

Grade 8 Applicants
No applications for grade eight will be accepted before January 1 of the year they intend to enrol. At that time parents may fill in the “Registration for Grade 8 Placement Exam” form and submit it to the school. These forms are available at the Catholic elementary schools on the North Shore, at the parishes, and at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

All those who submit this form will receive a package containing information regarding Open House and the Placement exam. After the Placement exam at the end of February, successful Category 1 students will be mailed a complete application package. If spaces remain, Category 2 students will be sent application packages in April and Category 3 students in May.

Grade 9-12 Applicants
At any time after January 1 of the year they plan to enrol, families should contact the school Registrar, Mrs. Barbara Dougan, and they will be placed on the waiting list and for available spaces in other grades. The student’s category status and the date of the application will be considered in admission. Parents can anticipate a response from the school after the March registration for current students is completed.


School fees are set by the Education Committee in accordance with CISVA guidelines and vary with registration category. Fee schedules will be available in March at the school office.

Financial Assistance
Through a tuition assistance program S.T.A. endeavors to ensure that no student is denied a Catholic education because of financial difficulty. Those families who may require financial assistance should speak to their pastor or the Tuition Chairperson of the Education Committee. All communication will be strictly confidential.

A student's appearance presents an image of our school to the community. It also has an impact on his/her attitude and behavior, and thus, the learning process. Respect for the individual and the school is manifested by an attitude of careful dressing for school. Students are to dress with a sense of decorum befitting an academic environment. The dress code is based on modesty, neatness, cleanliness, good taste and safety.

Students are expected to arrive and depart from school in full uniform.

Boys' Uniform

  • Red S.T.A. sweater (Grade 12 - Black sweater)
  • Grey pants and Grey Socks (Grade 12--Black socks)
  • White S.T.A. shirt (short or long sleeves) - Plain white undershirts only
  • Black leather dress shoes (No boots)

Hair, beards and moustaches must be neatly groomed. Hair should be no longer than earlobe length and to the collar at the back.

Girls' Uniform

  • Red S.T.A. sweater (Grade 12--Black sweater)
  • Plaid kilt (Length must be no more than 3" above the knee)
  • White S.T.A. shirt (short or long sleeve) - Plain white undershirts only
  • Grey knee socks or tights (Grade 12--Black knee socks or tights)
  • Black leather dress shoes - No ankle boots or sandals. Heels may be no higher than 3".

Gym Strip (girls & boys)

All students are required to wear regulation gym strip:

  • Black S.T.A. shorts
  • Grey S.T.A. T-shirt
  • White athletic socks & running shoes

Outerwear consists of black P.E.(Physical Education) S.T.A. sweatpants, grey P.E. sweatshirt, or S.T.A. Team sweatshirts and pants in any of the school colors: black, red or grey.


Students' jewelry should be consistent with the dress code. Exaggerated hair cuts, hair dyed unnatural colors and excessive make-up are not acceptable.

 Uniform Supplier

The entire uniform except shoes is purchased through:
Cambridge & Company
135-1305 Welch Street
North Vancouver.
Phone: 604-924-9009