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STA is proud of its alumni. We have initiated an Alumni Page in our monthly newsletter in order to provide information updates about our alumni and their accomplishments to other alumni as well as to the STA community at large and also to allow alumni to be informed about current events at STA.

We encourage all of our alumni, parents, students, Catholic teachers and parishioners to submit alumni news for the newsletter. Please email your submissions to Chris Ufford at cufford@aquinas.org.

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Dominic Taylor, STA Grad 2013

Cirque de Soliel's Toruk as an avatar

"Got the call on Friday morning and they asked me to start Monday morning, spend a week in Montreal at IHQ (international headquarters) and then fly to Hamilton, Ontario to start the tour! My contract is 12 weeks (until July 31st). I’ll be touring week to week in different cities in the US and Canada. 

I made a time lapse video of my first time having the makeup on. The first time is done by the makeup artist who designed it, and then after that, I’m on my own!"

Makeup Time Lapse: https://youtu.be/aKOyZzhrrIc  

Fiona Hepher, STA Grad 2008


"I worked on the [sameness] project for three years. I can’t call it job though. It was more like a lifestyle. The benefit being that I can’t look at any other ‘job’ now without seeing how I can weave ‘sameness' into it. It doesn’t feel purposeful without creating empathy. Why would we be doing anything if its not for the betterment of our collective humanity? the [sameness] project is a social enterprise, home-grown in Dubai, but with a message that has no borders. It’s all about creating “moments of sameness”; moments where we can look past all the things that make us different from another, and just see what makes us the same - our humanity. We’re all someones son or daughter. We all have joy, pain, love. We all have dreams. We’re all worth the same amount." 

Paolo Arreaga, STA Grad 1995


R.C.M.P. Constable, with brother, Estuardo
"I believe that my five years spent at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School helped me find and strengthen my personal values: integrity, honesty, professionalism, compassion, and respect. These values continue to have a great influence on my professional and personal life".

Mike Bernier, STA Grad 1986

2015-10-14 Min Ed Visit 02-3641.jpg

Minister of Education, B. C.

Paul Stokes, STA Grad 2003

Today's "Notable Young Entrepreneur"

Meghan Magee, STA Grad 2005

magee.jpg2010 Undergraduate Student of the Year, UBC

Each year, the Arts Co-op Program recognizes an undergraduate co-op student for outstanding achievement in all aspects of student performance including academics, the workplace, and contribution to co-operative education and to extra-curricular activities. This year’s winner, Meghan Magee, has been described as “the best of the best” out of hundreds of university students Timothy Meyer has supervised during his career at TRIUMF and elsewhere.  Meghan’s outstanding grades; involvement with co-operative education; commitment to personal, academic and career development; and her outstanding performance evaluation by her supervisor illustrate why she really is “the best of the best.”

Athena Macapagal, Grad 1998
Mother Agnes & Sr. Antoniana 1.jpg

now Sr. Antoniana (left) with Pope Francis

Francis Beyrouti, STA Grad 1989


Father Frances Beyrouty

"I came to Saint Thomas Aquinas in September 1984 straight from St. Edmund’s Elementary School. What I expected to be a difficult transition was made easy by the warm family atmosphere and welcoming spirit of both teachers and elder students. Throughout my five years at STA, I greatly appreciated and benefited from the healthy balance between a serious academic atmosphere along with a wide variety of available extra- curricular activities made available for me to develop both intellectually and socially.. Being involved in the sports program, the table-tennis matches during lunch, the debating club, the ski trips, a few practical jokes and the variety of other programs made my high school years not only a lot of fun, but also formative in a very enjoyable and well rounded way.

The greatest blessing is that all this took place within the context of a believing community that lives the motto of St. Thomas Aquinas: “Direct me in Your truth.” After graduating one begins to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into making a high school as successful as STA. What each student takes is what so many have lovingly put in. Even after one has left Saint Thomas Aquinas High School he continues to feel honoured that he was and remains part a loving and greatly supportive family".

Meghan Lappan, STA Grad 2010MeghanLappan.jpg
Indiana University's Meghan Lappan Receives Big Ten Postgraduate Scholarship: Collegiate Water Polo Association

Meghan was named the 2014 recipient of Indiana's Big Ten Medal of Honor, in addition to earning a Scholastic Achievement Award, Hoosier HERO award and the Aline Robinson Mental Attitude Award from the school, Lappan has been named Academic All-Big Ten and a member of the Collegiate Water Polo Association. Meghan has just received her Degree in Sociology from IU. Meghan has received a post graduate scholarship from Durham University in the UK where she will work towards her Masters degree in Marketing. 

Yaa-Hemaa Obiri-Yeboah, STA Grad 1999

Rhodes Scholar

"There are many advantages that come from attending a small school. Perhaps, most importantly, is the fact that the teaching staff really knows who you are and they have more time to demonstrate how much they care about your intellectual, physical and spiritual well-being. I always felt secure and confident while at STA. I knew that I was in a great environment because my teachers believed in me and they strove to ensure that my classmates and I would reach our potential. My teachers taught me that I was capable of more than I realized and I credit STA with my personal success"