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The STA Learning Resource Centre provides services to students with or without diagnosed learning disabilities.

The Centre strives to provide a positive learning experience for all students. Students in the program learn effective organizational, study and interpersonal skills and are supported through their individual educational needs. Referrals are made by students themselves, teachers and parents.

Homework Help for Grade 8's in all subjects in the the Learning Resource Center (Room 207) Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00pm.
















LRC Staff

Mr. Field

LRC Coordinator

Resource Teacher

Ms. Morris Resource Teacher morris@aquinas.org
Ms. Nix Resource Teacher mnix@aquinas.org
Mrs. Paruzzolo Resource Teacher lparuzzolo@aquinas.org
Ms. J. Becker School Psychologist  jbecker@aquinas.org
Ms. C. Rodericks Counsellor crodericks@aquinas.org
Mrs. Blake Paraeducator mblake@aquinas.org
Ms. Botteselle Paraeducator nbotteselle@aquinas.org
Mr. Cheng Paraeducator ncheng@aquinas.org
Mrs. Cune Paraeducator dcune@aquinas.org
Mr. Dear Paraeducator jdear@aquinas.org
Ms. Dunsterville Paraeducator jdunsterville@aquinas.org
Mr. Friesen Paraeducator mfriesen@aquinas.org
Ms. Hughes Paraeducator mhughes@aquinas.org
Ms. Jafari Paraeducator cjafari@aquinas.org
Mrs. Kitchener Paraeducator kitchener@aquinas.org
Ms. Macek Paraeducator tmacek@aquinas.org
Mrs. Magee Paraeducator kmagee@aquinas.org
Mr. Tapp Paraeducator tapp@aquinas.org
Ms. Trigueros Paraeducator ntrigueros@aquinas.org
Ms. Truong Paraeducator ctruong@aquinas.org