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To be an informed individual requires the ability to reason, to solve problems, and to have the tools necessary to be productive in our technological society. To become mathematically literate an individual must develop the ability to analyze, explore, conjecture, reason, use quantitative and spatial information and use mathematical tools to solve problems and make decisions. They must also develop self-confidence in their abilities and to understand and appreciate the role of math in everyday life. 


  • To meet the BC Mathematics Curriculum and the New Western Consortium Mathematics Curriculum
  • To provide students with opportunity to take a mathematics course that reflects their abilities and meets their needs.
  • To provide students with mathematical skills and tools to help them achieve their academic and/or career choice
  • To help students to confidently use numeracy and problem solving/reasoning skills and tools in everyday life


Ms. Martins Department Head
Pre-Calculus 11
Mr. Cune Math 9 ncune@aquinas.org
Mr. Florut

Math 8, Enriched Math 8, 

FOM 11, FOM 12, Calculus 12,

 AP Calculus 12

Ms. Lamasan AWM 10, FOM 10, Pre Calculus 12 jlamasan@aquinas.org
Mrs. Liang FOM 10  nliang@aquinas.org
Mrs. Onysko-Meier Math 8, WP Math 8/9, Math 9, AWM Math 11 meier@aquinas.org


Pascal, Cayley and Fermat Contests for grade 8 to 11 students will take place in February. Students should speak to their math teachers about registering for these contests and receiving practice materials.

Euclid Contest for grade 12 students will take place in April. 
Students who wish to register are asked to see Ms. Martins.

Gauss Contest for grade 8 students
For contest practice materials and information go to:http://www.cemc.uwaterloo.ca