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The study of a second language provides students with the skills, attitude and knowledge necessary to communicate authentically in a language which is not their mother tongue. 


Ms. Stagnitta

Department Head
French 10, Beginner's Spanish 11, Spanish 11

Ms. Ferrone French 9, French 10 dferrone@aquinas.org
Mrs. Neuls French 8 neuls@aquinas.org
Mr. Savage French 8, French 9, French 11, French 12 psavage@aquinas.org
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S.T.A. offers French as a second language instruction from Grades 8 to 12, as well as Beginner's Spanish 11 and Spanish 11. Students who enter S.T.A. in their grade 8 year, must complete up to and including French 10. Students will be permitted to enroll in Beginner's Spanish 11 in their grade 11 year and in Spanish 11 in their grade 12 year. Proficiency or credits in another language does not exempt a student from taking French 10. Spanish is offered only as an alternate Grade 11 language credit course for university entrance and not as a parallel program to French.Please note that in order to fulfill the university requirements for a grade 11 language credit, both Beginner's Spanish and Spanish 11 must be successfully completed.

Students who have attended a French immersion elementary school will be asked to write a placement exam in June of their Gr. 7 year. This, and an oral assessment, will help us determine the appropriate grade level placement.

Maximum acceleration: 2 years.


Students of Hispanic background and who are proficient in Spanish, are given the opportunity to challenge a course and receive credit without taking the course year-round.  This can only occur in their grade 10 year or later. This challenge is not offered to students in grades 8 or 9.

The challenge consists of one-hour classes after school over two weeks and ends with an oral assessment and a 2-hour final exam. Students that score 80% or better (as per Ministry requirements) will be granted 4 credits for the course. The marks will be sent to Victoria and will appear on their official transcript.