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The Physical Education department promotes and encourages fun, challenge, fair play and sportsmanship through the JOY of EFFORT in fitness and sport

 Students develop the fitness, skills, knowledge, confidence, attitudes, responsibility and leadership required:

  • to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle with - mens sana en corpore sano - a sound mind in a sound body
  • to organize, lead, and officiate fitness, sports and recreation activities

Activities include:

  • Strength and Conditioning for Active Living
  • Team Sports
  • Wrestling, Gymnastics, Dance, Track & Field, Raquet sports, Community Recreation and Outdoor Activities, and Cooperative and Minor Games.

In collaboration with student leaders, the department organizes a recreational intramural sports program which includes Volleyball, Basketball, Floor hockey and Indoor Soccer.

Physical Education Department

Mr. Vachon Department Head
PE 8, PE 10, PE 11/12 
Mr. Paxton PE 8, PE 9, PE BB Girls, PE BB Boys  cpaxton@aquinas.org
Mr. Prescott PE 10,  PE BB Girls, PE BB Boys prescott@aquinas.org
Ms. Purkiss PE 8, PE 9 purkiss@aquinas.org
Ms. Savino PE 8 savino@aquinas.org
Mr. Vesco PE 9 avesco@aquinas.org