The Informational Technology and Business curriculum builds on students’ natural curiosity, inventiveness, and desire to create and work in practical ways. It harnesses the power of learning by doing, and provides the challenging fun that inspires students to dig deeper, work with big ideas, and adapt to a changing world.

Learning in ITB provides firm foundations for lifelong learning in a diverse range of careers. It fosters the development of future problem solvers, innovators, and skilled trades people who can contribute to solving problems not yet anticipated with processes and technologies not yet imagined in order to improve their lives, the lives of others, and the environment.

The Information Technology department is focused on providing the skills young students need for future success in a tech driven world. The complexity of our students’ educational future will require them to move beyond traditional paradigms of learning. It is our goal to provide students with multiple tools and technologies to help them navigate and tackle this future. The STA Information Technology Department focuses on the key areas of computational thinking, digital literacy, robotics and coding.