The Language Department serves to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to authentically communicate in a foreign language through development in reading, writing and oral communication in either French or Spanish. Through these exercises students develop their skills further with each year of study, eventually gaining the ability to communicate comfortably in their language of choice. Students entering in Grade 8 must complete up to and including French 10.

Students who have attended a French Immersion elementary school are given the opportunity to write a placement exam in Grade 7. The maximum acceleration is 2 years. 

Students who are proficient in Spanish also have the option of challenging Spanish once they reach Grade 10. This gives students an opportunity to receive credit without taking a full year course. The challenge consists of one-hour classes after school over two weeks and ends with an oral assessment and a 2-hour final exam. Students that score 80% or better will be granted 4 credits for the course.