The aim of Music Club is to help students retain and enhance their own love of music whilst introducing new genres and artists to be enjoyed. The club is targeted to anyone with an interest in music or with a desire to expand their library.

Meetings start with a song being played once, and then as a group we answer a series of questions, allowing members to really focus on lyrics, composition, and the artist's intentions, rather than listening passively without contemplation. Each week we listen to a different genre or artist, whether it be jazz, R&B, electronic, blues, broadway, or anything else. By approaching every genre of music, we hope to expose individuals to songs that they otherwise would never have listened to. Our hope is that even if they don’t enjoy the genre by the end of the meeting, they will at least be able to appreciate the effort that was put into creating the art.

Location: Wednesdays at lunch - Room 402
Club Coordinator: Ms. Francis -