Mission, Values & Culture

St.Thomas Aquinas High School is a faith based community.  It is not just a place of academic learning; it is a vibrant community that seeks to inspire and empower each individual on their unique journey towards personal growth, academic excellence, and spiritual development.

At St. Thomas Aquinas we believe in educating the whole person. Catholic values are the heartbeat of the school providing students the framework to explore a world that is constantly changing and face challenges with fortitude. We want to develop lifelong learners, responsible citizens and leaders who will embrace the future with confidence.

We believe the scriptures provide guidance in helping us navigate the journey of life. We focus on providing our students with the tools and guidance they need to lead fulfilled lives. Students learn about Catholic philosophy through academic instruction, Campus Ministry activities and extracurricular programs.

The Diocesan theme for this year is “Living, Celebrating, and Proclaiming Our Faith.” The theme will be celebrated over three years. In 2023-2024 the focus will be on Living our Faith.

As we journey together through the academic year, we actively encourage our parents, staff and students to engage with the school – whether through volunteering, attending events, or participating in school activities.

Your involvement is essential to creating a vibrant and supportive educational experience for every student.