Christian Education


The Christian Education department strives to build the faith and knowledge of our students by passing on the Catholic Church’s teachings, providing students with religious and moral reference points to help them critically examine their surrounding culture and build a society enlightened by the values of the Gospel.

Common teaching strategies include scripture sharing, prayer, story-telling, faith sharing, discussion, liturgy preparation, art, theological instruction, role playing, and debate.

The school follows the Christian Education Curriculum as determined by CISVA. To learn more visit

The Christian Education department disseminates the Catholic Church’s teachings in the following areas. All courses provide an opportunity for personal spiritual growth through prayer, social justice awareness and community service.

Students who are not Catholic or who do not come from a faith background are required to take these courses and have no disadvantage in succeeding in these classes. Teachers are well prepared to guide students who are not Catholic in growing in the knowledge of the Catholic faith, theology, and philosophy.

  • Grade 8 – The Old Testament
  • Grade 9 – The New Testament, the Liturgical Year and Holy Mass
  • Grade 10 – Catholic Morality
  • Grade 11 – Church History
  • Grade 12 – Prayer, Catholic Anthropology, Christology, Vocations and Evangelization

Department Members

Angela Armeni
Jacky Chan
Felipe Grossling
Department Head (Religion)
Cesar Inducil
Jeremy Keong
Etienne O'Toole
Michelle Purkiss
Colleen Stevenson
Robert Woitowitsch