Visual & Performing Arts

At STA, we believe that Dance, Drama, Music, and Visual art are unique languages for creating and communicating. We believe that individual and collective expression can be achieved through the arts. We recognize that artists o​​ften challenge the status quo and open us to new perspectives and experiences. We want our students to understand that creative growth requires patience, readiness to take risks and willingness to try new approaches.

Visual Arts

Art is offered from Grade 8 – Grade 12

The Visual Art department contributes to a student’s overall learning experience by allowing students to explore creativity and self-expression as well as develop technical skills in various mediums.

An important aspect of intellectual growth in students is their ability to form their own unique ideas, values and beliefs; art is a means of communicating these through a visual language that includes drawing, painting, sculpture, and print-making.

Gallery visits and field trips awaken student’s interest in the artistic world and enrich their learning.

Clubs & Activities
  • Students who choose to take Art will be able to showcase their work at both Winter and Spring exhibitions at the school.
  • Students who take a special interest in Art are also welcome to join the STA Art Club, which offers an opportunity for creative students to further develop their skills in a number of mediums.
Field Trips

In order to expand students’ knowledge of art history in addition to developing their own creative skills, the Art department provides visits to a number of museums and galleries in the city to educate and inspire students. Students have had the opportunity to explore many local galleries and museums including the Vancouver Art Gallery, Museum of Anthropology, Gordon Smith Gallery, Museum of West Vancouver, Audain Art Museum and learn about contemporary and historical artists.

Performing Arts: Music

Music is offered from Grade 8 – Grade 12

The Music department has course options for those students interested in developing the highly disciplined skill of playing an instrument. Band provides a setting in which these life-long skills can be harnessed, while giving students valuable experience performing as an ensemble, both at school events and on field trips.

Choral music provides an outlet for students who love to sing and who wish to perform in settings that are both challenging and exciting. Field trips provide opportunities for students to perform around the world, fostering a love for performance that extends outside the school walls.

Course Offerings
Beginners Band 8 Suitable for students with little to no experience playing instruments or reading music.
Intermediate Band 8 Suitable for students with one to three years’ experience on a wind, brass, percussion instrument (i.e., Holy Trinity, Saint Pius X and public school programs).
Concert Band 9-12 Junior and Senior Concert Band are offered within the timetable as a regular block.
Jazz Ensemble 8-12 Jazz Ensemble is offered outside of the standard timetable as an accredited course, after school and at lunch.
Concert & Chamber Choir 8-12 Offered outside the standard timetable before school begins
Field Trips

Junior Concert Band: Opportunity to perform at Sun Peaks & Whistler Music Festival

Senior Concert Band: Opportunity to perform in California in alternate years

The Choirs: Opportunity to perform at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival – Banff, and in San Francisco, and Europe

Performing Arts: Drama

Drama is offered from Grade 8 – Grade 12

From annual auditions for audience-acclaimed, professional caliber dramatic and musical productions, to improvisational clubs that promise hilarious spontaneity, STA Drama creates an inclusive community where students can dazzle both on and off the stage.

Dramatic education offers students the opportunity for self-expression – whether they are performing as an individual or as a group. Students get to explore the world of theatre including mime, skits and one-act plays.

They develop performance skills and the ability to entertain and engage an audience, while teaching something significant at the same time. Drama also helps them build confidence and allows students to find their voice, which can contribute to both their academic and personal success.

Each school year parents, relatives, and friends are invited twice to attend the STA Drama Nights.

Course Offerings
  • Drama 8-10
  • Drama 11-12
Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular opportunities encourage students who may not be enrolled in Drama classes to become involved in the Arts during after school hours either on stage or with backstage opportunities involving hair and makeup design, running crew and properties and set design.

STA Drama also presents opportunities in technical theatre.