The Athletics program at St Thomas Aquinas is an extension of the curricular PHE program. The goal of the STA Athletic Department is to provide each athlete the opportunity to achieve excellence in a number of different sports, and to create a positive environment for developing the athlete’s entire wellbeing. We strive to promote athletics as an integral part of the total Catholic education program.

We strive to provide student athletes with a balanced schedule that will give them the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

The focus for teams at the Bantam and Juvenile levels (grades 8 & 9), is to maximize participation, improve individual fundamental skills, develop team skills, and provide student athletes with positive athletic experiences.

At the Junior and Senior levels, the individual and team focus is more competitive.  Emphasis is on team concept development and execution.  In an effort to prepare for competitive competition and to ensure that participation will have tremendous value, athletes will be pushed beyond their normal comfort zones.

STA is a member of the North Shore Secondary Schools Athletic Association (NSSSAA).

NSSSAA Member Schools
Argyle Elphinstone Sentinel
Bodwell Handsworth Seycove
Carson Graham Howe Sound St. Thomas Aquinas
Chatelech Mountainside Sutherland
Collingwood Mulgrave West Vancouver
Don Ross Rockridge Windsor

STA Provides Students with the Chance to Engage in These Sports:

Fall (Sept – Nov) Winter  (Dec – Mar) Spring (Apr – June)
Cross Country  (co-ed) Basketball (boys) Badminton (co-ed)
Field Hockey  (girls) Basketball (girls) Golf (co-ed)
Rowing (co-ed) Wrestling (co-ed) Ice Hockey (boys)
Soccer (boys) Soccer (girls)
Swimming (co-ed) Track & Field (boys)
Volleyball (girls) Wrestling (girls) Track & Field (girls)
Mountain Biking (co-ed)
Volleyball (junior Boys)
STA volleyball, basketball and track & field teams compete at the following levels:
  • Bantam: Grade 8
  • Juvenile: Grade 9
  • Junior: Grade 10
  • Senior: Grade 11 / 12

Teams at the bantam, juvenile and junior levels which have finished first or second in North Shore tournament play, have the opportunity to compete for an invitational Provincial Championship.

At the senior level, teams must qualify for provincial championship through their geographic zone championships.  Under BC School Sports regulations, senior teams compete at provincial championships in anyone of the following tier classification levels: ‘A’, ‘AA’, ‘AAA’ or ‘AAAA’

Based on school population in grades 11 and 12, STA senior teams compete at the ‘AA’ level.

Athletics Fee Schedule

8A $100
8B $100
9 $100
Junior $125
Senior $150
Junior Boys TBA
8 Boys $125
9 Boys $125
Junior Boys $150
Senior Boys $150
8 Girls $125
9 Girls $125
Junior Girls $150
Senior Girls $150
Junior Boys $100
Senior Boys $125
Junior Girls $100
Senior Girls $125
Field Hockey $100
Ice Hockey $250
Track & Field $125
Mountain Biking TBA
Wrestling $125
Badminton $50
Swimming $50
X-Country $50

STA is a member of the North Shore Secondary Schools Athletic Association (NSSSAA). Click here for League schedules and information.

Tournament dates will be posted on the bulletin board in the gym and can be found on the school calendar.

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