Learning Resource Centre


The Learning Resource Centre consists of a coordinator, two resource teachers and approximately 20 special education assistants. The dedicated Learning Resource staff works collaboratively with students, parents, teachers and other professionals to create Individual Educational Plans designed to help each student develop their potential and prepare them for life beyond high school.

  • The student care team includes a school counsellor, grade-level advisors, and other contracted professionals.
  • The counsellor will advise the school on the social-emotional needs of particular students, and also assist in liaising with community services.
  • Grade-level advisors are teachers who have been assigned a particular grade level and are the first point of contact for struggling students.  They connect with students regularly, develop relationships and connect them with appropriate school resources.
  • Other professionals advise the LRC on student programs and assist in direct interventions. Examples include Speech Language Therapists (for social/communication skill) and Physical Therapists (for movement/functional skills).

The LRC provides multiple levels of support for students who face a wide variety of learning challenges, whether that student is diagnosed or referred by a teacher. Skills such as organization, time management and personal responsibility are reinforced, all while providing academic support.

The LRC also supports students learning needs through other initiatives:

Homework Club

The LRC coordinates the Homework Club after school for students who want specific subject support. It is open to all students – whether they have an LRC Block or not. The Homework Club provides extra help from our Education Assistants for students at any grade level, in any subject, five days a week.

Peer Tutoring

The LRC organizes STA students willing to volunteer their time to support their peers. These students are knowledgeable in a particular subject area, and matched with students wanting that subject assistance. We recognize that students are often more willing to accept help from peers than from adults.

Study Hall

Study Hall is run by the Grade Level Advisors during lunch hour. It is meant as an intervention for students who do not complete work. The idea is to prompt those students for whom task avoidance or task initiation is a chronic issue. Once a student has received support in starting or organizing a particular task, they are much more likely to be able to complete the task at home independently.

A full list of the LRC’s Policy’s and Procedures is available online here.