A warm welcome to our alumni in Canada, the US or wherever your journey may take you around the world.

The STA alumni community is a vibrant group of over 1,300 STA graduates and the Alumni Association is a vital link, building connections between the school and the alumni.

The Alumni Association helps in carrying out the vision and values of the School. Our goal is to encourage the following:

  • Promote interaction among alumni through professional and social initiatives
  • Provide guidance as well as networking opportunities for current students and young alumni who are starting on their career
  • Share alumni stories

STA Alumni Team 2023-2024

  • Ethan Dong ‘21
  • Karen Dy ‘96
  • Yvonne Halsall
  • Brook McLaughlin ‘96
  • Kelly Riccardi ‘02
  • Thomas Slivinski ‘02
  • Gabby Young ‘00


Homecoming September 21st
STA Talks October 18th
Christmas Craft Fair Breakfast November 5th
Sip ‘n Paint November 30th
STA Talks January 18th
Monte Carlo Night and Alumni VIP Reception February 10th
STA Talks February 22nd
International Night and Alumni VIP Reception May 31st
Italy and Medjugorje Youth Festival July 22nd

Alumni News

Alumni Reunions

Do you have an upcoming milestone reunion? We can help.

Contact us so we can help you to:

  1. Organize and host your reunion at STA
  2. Help plan your event
  3. Promote your reunion on social media
  4. Share learnings and tips from other reunions

Questions or Ideas? Please contact us at