Grad Legacy Project

Funds raised through the STA Walkathon serve a dual purpose.

A portion of the proceeds go toward enhancing student programs and facilities at the school.

Just as important, there is a charitable component of all Walkathon monies raised. Each graduating class uses their charitable Walkathon monies in a major donation to make a difference in the lives of families and children in different parts of the world.

The purpose behind the initiative is that our graduates leave an important legacy and provide inspiration for future graduates.

“It is truly encouraging that our younger generation, in particular your students, have the spirit of charity and fellowship already instilled at a young age”.Donor Relation Officer, 2020

How does it work?

Every Grade 8 class entering the school allocates 20 percent of the Walkathon monies raised for charitable purposes. Twenty percent of the money they raised is then banked and accumulated over their five years at St. Thomas Aquinas. In Grade 12, the graduating class decides where the accumulated funds would be donated.

Usually there is a connection between the charity chosen and one or more students in the graduating class.

Some examples of Grad Legacy projects:

  • $8000 donated to Mejer Venezuela (Better Venezuelan Society) to help children suffering from malnutrition and $4000 to Development and Peace to help the Honduran Centre for the Promotion of Community Development.
  • $12,161 was split between Pope Francis Village in Tacloban City in the Philippines, to help families recovering from Typhoon Haiyan, and ‘Embrace Rwanda’ to aid in early childhood education and health care.
  • $12,589 donated to the Salesians of Don Bosco (an order of priests) on the island of Cebu in the Philippines, for outreach programs with the poor and to help furbish their schools.
  • $11,300 donated to the Prishan Foundation to help build an orphanage for girls in Rayagada, India.
  • $5000 given to Doctors Without Borders and another $5000 to help those displaced or affected in war-torn Yemen.