Student Council

Participating in STA’s student council is an opportunity for Grade 12 students to demonstrate their leadership skills and school spirit.

Elections take place each Spring with the entire student body involved in the voting process. The roles on Student Council require students to successfully balance their schoolwork with the busy schedule of leading the student body. Staff sponsors are: Mr. Keong and Mr. Flores.

2023 – 2024 Student Council

President Nick Delgado and Pablo Larrea Chincilla
Vice President Sophia Milone and Taylor Lum
Secretary Sienna Hagedorn and Lauren Cratchley
Treasurer Oliver Tuey and James Baumgartner
International Rep Solbi Ahn and Yuyu Li
Tech Communications Bridget Kirkham and Ava Rhone
Sports Reps Elizabeth Purkiss and Eton Stockwell